I’m going on an adventure!

For those of you that know me, the fact that I’ve taken off to New Zealand this month should come as no surprise. If that is a surprise to you then where have you been?

After literal years of blabbering on about it, I finally did it; I booked a one way flight and I got my visa. I couldn’t pin-point exactly where the idea came from but at a guess I’d say it probably had something to do with immersing myself deep in The Lord of The Rings appendices, once or more a year for many years now. Add into that a mega love for Flight of the Conchords and Taika Waititi and you’ll understand that I’m a massive NZ fanboy/ clichĂ©.

After a year of slogging in retail (which actually wasn’t all that terrible, I made some great friends which I certainly never expected) I finally quit my job just before New Year’s Eve, with a view to spending the following two weeks fully preparing myself for my trip. However, what with all the goodbyes to be said and people to see, I didn’t really do much in those two weeks except procrastinate by eating and drinking with various friends and family. Flash forward to 8pm the night before I leave and I’d finally started packing/ PANICKING! At 1am I resigned myself to doing no more and climbed into my bed, exhausted and admittedly a bit terrified.

Deep breath, Laura.

Seeya in a bit, Yorkshire.


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