After a few days in Wellington, an old pal from my junior school invited me to stay with him and his wife in Johnsonville, a suburb about twenty minutes out of Wellington. Now, I haven’t seen Harry for about five years, so to reunite outside Wellington train station was pretty odd to say the least. More bizarre is that we went to the tiniest school imaginable, and we were two of a class of eleven, so y’know, it’s a strange turn of events that’s lead us to both be on the other side of the world. His greeting to me was “what the hell are we doing here?!”

It was lovely to catch up with Harry and his wife, Rosie, who are both working in and around Wellington at the moment, just for a sense of familiarity at the very least. We had a lovely evening catching up over pizza and wine, but the pièce de résistance for me was the LUXURY DOUBLE MATTRESS awaiting me upstairs. I cannot tell you how much I’m missing my double memory foam bed at home, so I’m not ashamed to say that I squealed at the sight of a double bed.

The next day, Harry and Rosie had to work (they’re real adults you know) so I took the opportunity to catch up on some life admin, in the company of George the cat. I woke up to the sound of the tsunami siren blaring through the hills, although luckily it was just a test. Plus, Johnsonville is way up in the hills so I think we were pretty safe up there, but that doesn’t stop the siren being any less terrifying to be honest. With a day of life admin done (ie me stressing over job applications and the like), lovely Rosie came back from work and smashed out a homemade spaghetti bolognese. After weeks of budget noodles, I could have cried with joy!

The next day I ventured into Johnsonville for a few bits. It’s a quiet little suburb with a few shops and restaurants, probably quite an average town, but the sunny weather makes everything feel so much more impressive here!

The following evening, after a chicken feast made by Harry, the three of us ventured down to Petone wharf, another little suburb in the Lower Hutt of Wellington. It was beautiful down there, with views right across the water of the city in the distance. We wandered along the beach, reminiscing and telling stories, and it was just so lovely. It was a prime spot for dog spotting too, which is always a big plus if you ask me. It was a shame not to be able to wander along the jetty, however it had been closed following a recent earthquake and is awaiting repairs.


As the sun started to set, we wandered back along the beach and set off back home, where we rounded up the evening with chocolate chip banana cake (so good), which I bought to say “thanks fer avin’ me”.

I would’ve been pretty sad to leave the comfort of Harry and Rosie’s place, if it wasn’t for my plans to meet up with the Canadians I’d met in Westport, back in Wellington, which I was VERY excited about. That being said, I was (and am) so so grateful to have stayed with some fellow Yorkshire folk and it feels good to know they’re really nearby if I end up working in Wellington. (I have since been invited back for Sunday dinner and Yorkshire puddings, an offer which I will 100% be accepting ASAP)


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