I was very excited to be meeting up with Harrison and Ben, the Canadians I’d met in New Plymouth. We’d all booked into the same hostel for a few days, but it was a genuine coincidence when I arrived to find we were all staying in the same room. I was greeted with a big hug from Ben and told that I should prepare myself because we were all going out that night. This was going to be SO. MUCH. FUN.

In my absence, the boys had recruited Inka, a girl from Finland, whom I immediately liked because she didn’t take any nonsense from Ben and Harrison! We all quickly agreed on a plan: wine, cards, laser tag, arcade games and then onto the bars. Armed with cheap wine, and all in exceptionally good spirits, we left for laser tag. I am terrible at all games/ sports, so you should know that I did not excel at this activity. I mainly just ran around in the dark, screaming. After laser tag, we mooched around the arcade for a while, before heading OUT.

I don’t know how to describe a Wellington night out to you. The main difference between a night out here and at home is that here, you don’t pay to get in anywhere but the drinks are COSTLY. The benefit of not having to pay entry at least means that if a place sucks, you can just move on. I don’t want to go into specifics so I will just say this: there was a lot of dancing and a lot of laughing. Also I danced on a podium, but lets move on.

The next morning, feeling slightly worse for wear, we all ventured out for a breakfast slushies. $1 dollar Burger King slushies are my life now. The others also had breakfast hot dogs, from a stall right outside our hostel, though I did not partake as New Zealand do hot dogs wrong. I’ll explain this another time.

Feeling like we shouldn’t waste our day, it was someone’s bright idea to hike upto the Mount Victoria lookout. Fuelled by expensive but delicious ice creams from Kaffee Eis (I went for coconut, it was delicious), we started the gruelling ascent. I’m being dramatic, it’s literally a half an hour walk up the hillside. BUT, it was very hot and you must remember we were all still slightly hungover.

The walk was beautiful, even if it was uphill. It was well worth it too, as the views were spectacular. You could see Wellington city centre on one side and Miramar/ Evans Bay on the other. It was stunning, and such a great day for it too, the weather was gorgeous. Harrison asked a lady if she wouldn’t mind taking a photo of us all at the top and to our shock and surprise she said no! … This had never happened to us before, ever! I didn’t know you could say no! I always awkwardly say yes! I thought everyone did! Either way, it was very weird but very funny. Eventually, we found a kindly man to take our photo, and I’m happy to report he was very willing.



I took the gang via the spot where they had filmed the hobbit hollow scene for The Fellowship of the Ring on our way down the mountain, spouting LOTR trivia the whole way. Luckily, they didn’t seem to mind! As we wandered back toward the city, you couldn’t fail to notice the beautiful wooden houses on the hillside. I must go back and take some more pictures of the streets up there, they are so beautiful, and they feel like they could be in San Francisco with the steep hills and architectural style.


Not wanting to waste the evening sun, we decided to head down to the beach in Oriental Bay, which was chocka block on a Saturday evening. We found ourselves a nice spot near the water and armed with a mini speaker and an INGENIOUS mini hookah, we were set for maximum chill vibes. Me and Ben even went for a swim too, and I’m happy to say that the sea was much calmer than it had been in New Plymouth. To top off a really lovely day, we hit up the $5 dominoes pizza deal on the way back to the hostel, before all settling down to watch Netflix.

The next morning, we had to say goodbye to Inka, who was heading off to Auckland. We were all sad to see her go as she was a lot of fun. With Inka gone, the remaining three of us decided we should probably plan what to do next. I forced them to go to Te Papa to see the Gallipoli exhibition, and we all took in some modern art up in the art gallery…


The boys wanted to go to Weta the next day and although I’d already been, I couldn’t not go again! We hopped on a bus to Miramar (which was an exciting event itself because the bus seats were identical to those spotted in WWDITS, my favourite film!). From the bus, we rushed to the gift shop where I swore I wouldn’t buy anything.. okay, I caved and bought another patch, DON’T JUDGE ME!



The tour was just as great the second time around and I got to check out all the bits I’d rushed past on my first visit. Ben and Harrison were just as excited about the tour as me, which was great, because it meant I could be full nerd around them and not have to hide how excited I was! After our tour, we scooted back into the city for a treat lunch of delicious burgers and wedges at Mish Mosh.

Our time together in Wellington had been so much fun and my original plan of staying in the city and looking for work was scuppered by the complete lack of accommodation available. I started to panic a little bit as I desperately tried to find somewhere to stay, until Ben casually suggested that I should just go South with them. At first I was reluctant, as I hadn’t planned to go South for months, however, it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss, why not go now whilst I had fun people to go with? Needing little further persuasion, we booked our ferry and looked forward to the next leg of our adventure as a threesome.


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