In hindsight, the Canadians and I agree that we should have booked an extra night in Nelson, because we were literally only there for about 12 hours but we really liked it.

We booked into the Paradiso Backpackers, based on the fact that it had a pool and a sauna and a hot tub. We arrived around 8PM and got straight into the hot tub (as it was due to close at 9PM and we wanted to get our money’s worth!). I say hot tub, it was more of a lukewarm tub, but you can’t complain really.

After sweating it out with some strangers in the sauna, and taking a plunge in the pool, it was time to vacate the area and go in search of food. Ben and I both decided that we were a little over-faced by cooking in the kitchen, which was teeming with people, so we went in search of fast food. I was happy to get out of the hostel for a bit, and at least have a little look around the town, even if it was dark. On our way into town a minivan drove past us, from which I heard “Hey, Laura!”. I can’t tell you how weird it is to bump into someone you know when you’re literally 12,000 miles from home, it is BIZARRE. The guy in the minivan was Michael, my German roomie from New Plymouth, who was now travelling with a buddy and a van. After a brief and odd catch up, me and Ben continued our search for food, and found ourselves in the reliable warm glow of the golden arches; McDonald’s.

We hung out, once again, aided by slushies, for a good hour or so before resigning ourselves to the walk back. It was nice to wander around the town and it seemed like a nice place, though I’m not sure how much there was to actually do there. I wouldn’t mind going back through Nelson at some point, though.

Ben and I went to bed, my first top bunk of the whole trip and holy moly, was it high up! With Harrison missing, presumed intoxicated, we could only hope he’d make it to the 7AM bus the next morning..


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