We boarded an eight hour bus from Franz Josef to Queenstown with a now, all too familiar, sense of resignation to the fact that our whole day would be spent on a coach. On travel days, I always hope for crap weather, so that I don’t feel to be missing out too much, but this was a really hot and sunny day. Great.

The journey was very beautiful and we stopped plenty of times to break it up. We passed through the Mount Aspiring national park and travelled along the Haast pass, leading us right down to Lake Hawea, where our driver kindly let us off the bus so that we could gawp at it for a few minutes.


We clambered back onto the bus and headed for Wanaka, where we had another 15 minute break, whilst passengers got off and the driver sorted out the new ones. This was nowhere near enough time to fully appreciate Wanaka and I certainly intend to return and stay sometime in the not too distant future.


Lake Wanaka is huge, though you can only see a very small part of it from the town itself. The water was SO clear, unlike any lake I’ve ever seen before, it was stunning. I was sad to have to leave, so quickly, I can’t wait to go back!


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