Thanks to the crazy backwards bus route I was having to take from Kaikoura to Picton, I found myself in Christchurch again for another whirlwind night. This time I decided I’d attempt to see some sights, however with the bus from Kaikoura taking three hours longer than it should have, I arrived just as the sun had set. Again. Brilliant.

After abandoning my stuff in the hostel, my first thought was food (it usually is) and so I set out in search of one thing and one thing only; burgers. I’d been chatting to a German couple back in Kaikoura who raved about BurgerFuel, which is a chain restaurant over here, that I’d been consciously avoiding because I knew I was going to love it. Back at home, you can often find me and my fellow burger aficionado friend, Helen, frequenting a burger joint, and I was missing it!

The weather out had taken a turn for the worse and it was absolutely chuckin’ it down, once again thwarting any real opportunity to do some Christchurch sightseeing.

Resigned to the idea, I went on the hunt for BurgerFuel, which didn’t actually take too long because there was conveniently one on the same road as my hostel. It’s like it was meant to be. Overwhelmed by the menu, I went for the American Muscle burger, which is your standard burger with pickles and relish etc. Oh my lord, was it far from standard though! This is what I was afraid of, now I’m going to want these burgers all the flippin’ time.

Full of goodness, I decided I’d have a quick mooch along to have a look at Christchurch Cathedral, although I quickly discovered that the original building had been deconsecrated and partially demolished following the 2011 earthquake that devastated the city. Peering through the barrier that surrounds the site, it looked to be in a pretty sad state. With the rain intensifying and an early start looming, I decided to turn back and head for the hostel.

Despite only really having seen it in the dark and for a brief evening at a time, I’m strangely drawn to Christchurch. I really want to go back and give it my proper attention and I hope to do so later this year. I have to say that I am struck by the extent of the earthquake damage, even now, six years later and walking around the shell of the former city was a real eye opener.


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