I’ve just finished a four week stint in Nelson, where I’ve been working for accommodation amongst other things, so I figured it was about time I filled you in on what else I’ve been upto.

I spent a good amount of time in Queens Gardens, which was about a ten minute walk away from my hostel. It’s just turning into Autumn over here now and the trees are looking particularly pretty. 


Nelson is known as one of the sunniest places in New Zealand and I have to admit that we have had some particularly sunny days. I was, however, also here during Cyclone Cook (which turned out to be a massive anti climax, in Nelson at least).

On another one of my leisurely afternoon strolls, I took in the sights of the Marina, quietly speculating about the people who own the boats.


One of my favourite things about Nelson is the Cinema, a beautiful Art Deco fronted building. I’ve spent a lot of time there! I should also mention the excellent Pizza place adjacent to the cinema, I gorged myself on one of the best pizzas I’ve had whilst out here in NZ.

Another highlight of the small city has to be the Japanese Gardens, on the outskirts of town. As someone who deeply enjoys spending time alone, the gardens were very welcoming; a very peaceful place where I could wander around aimlessly, enjoying the last of the sun as New Zealand transitions from summer to autumn.


Throughout my travels across the country, I’ve been consistently admiring the residential architecture. The houses here are an unfamiliar style, to me, feeling almost American, or at least what I think American houses look like. On a cloudy afternoon I decided to head out and take a few photos of some of the houses that had caught my eye over the previous weeks.


I’m going through a phase of drawing tiny wooden buildings at the moment, so the photos will hopefully eventually be immortalised as wobbly Laura Myers drawings. Speaking of which, I’ve actually had time to draw lately, which has been really nice.

On one particularly sunny afternoon, I was invited along to Tahunanui dog beach, to help my pal Tania walk her two beautiful doggos! Border collies, Eddie and Elsie, whom I instantly LOVED. As a result of our session at the beach, Tania ended up trusting me with dog walking duties whilst she was away for a couple of days. As a huge dog lover, this was the biggest treat ever!

I managed to talk my Swedish friend, Andreas, into coming along. As a cat person, he was reluctant to warm to the dogs at first, but Eddie and Elsie managed to charm him. We took them up the riverbank to a deep bit of water called the black hole, where Eddie excitedly bounded in after countless sticks. Elsie’s approach was more slow and steady, she’s a dignified old gal. We got really lucky on both days with the weather and I was very happy to be walking the doggos in the sunshine with such good company.

All too soon, it was time to leave Nelson. Running very low on funds, I’d been desperately applying for jobs the whole time I was there and luckily, at the last minute, I’d managed to land a gig in Wellington. But that’s another story!


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