Pukerua Bay

About twenty minutes drive from Whitby is Pukerua Bay, a small seaside village that marks the southern part of the Kapiti coastline. It’s also the birthplace of one of New Zealand’s most loved personalities, Peter Jackson. It was also the location used for his movie, Bad Taste.

On a late Saturday afternoon, Andreas and I decided to take the drive over there after having spent the day in nearby Plimmerton. We parked up on the cliff side and clambered down the many winding steps to sea level. I’m pretty sure I vocalised “for goodness sake, we’ll have to walk back up all these steps soon” although in reality I may have peppered that sentence with some swear words..

Down in the bay was a long and mostly pebbly beach and, much like many other beaches in New Zealand, it was littered with huge pieces of driftwood and massive boulders. When I refer to driftwood in NZ, I quite often mean full size trees that have washed up on a beach.

The sun was low in the sky as the evening drew in, so we positioned ourselves on a nice bit of rock for the sunset, which was pretty dramatic thanks to some moody looking low hanging clouds. We waited until the sun almost kissed the horizon before venturing back up the hill (which actually wasn’t that bad). Maybe one day I’ll enjoy walking up hills?

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